Current Status

Emeritus Professor of Legal Philosophy
Visiting Fellow and Adjunct
Lecturer of Legal Philosophy
the Advanced Institute for Law and Politics, Graduate School of  Law
University of Hokkaido

Academic Career

2013-Present    Associate Instructor, Modern Japanese Studies Program, University of Hokkaido

2017-2020      Executive Director- Vice President, University of Hokkaido

1997-2019           Member, The Board of Directors, The Japan Association of Legal Philosophy

1983-2019          Professor of Philosophy of Law, School of Law, University of Hokkaido

Joint Staff, Hokkaido University Center for Experimental Research in Social Sciences 

2007-2017            Joint Staff, Hokkaido University Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies 

2014-2016            Dean, School of Law, University of Hokkaido, Sapporo, JAPAN   

2010-2016          Senior Fellow, The Meridian 180 Project, The Clarke Program in East Asian Law and Culture, 
                           Cornell University Law School, U. S. A

2011-2014             Aid of Director, University of Hokkaido President's Office

2006-2014             Associate Member, Division of Law, The Science Council of Japan 

2010                        The Mori, Hamada & Matsumoto Distinguished Visitor, The Clarke Program in East Asian
      Law and Culture, Cornell University Law School, U.S.A.

2008                        Visiting Professor, School of Law, University of Wales, Swansea, U. K .   

2005-08                  Chair, Academic Planning Committee, The Japan Association of Legal Philosophy

2004-08                  Director, The Advanced Institute for Law & Politics, School of Law, University of Hokkaido

2005                        Visitor, Institute Suisse de Droit Comparé, Lausanne, Suisse                                          

2002-03                  Academic Affiliate, Centre for Politics, Law & Society, University College London, U.K. 
      (The Ministry of Education Overseas Research Grant)                                                  

2002                         James B. MacDonald Distinguished Visiting Professor, East Asian Legal Studies Center, 
      University of Wisconsin Law School, U.S.A.

1998                        Program Visitor, The Philosophy Program, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian  
      National University, AUSTRALIA                                                     

1987-88           Visiting Researcher, New York University Law School, U.S.A. (The Fulbright Grant)   

1986-87           Research Associate, Center for the Study of Law and Society, University of California,
      Berkeley, U.S.A. (The Fulbright Grant)                                                     

1983-91           Associate Professor of Philosophy of Law, Faculty of Law,
      University of Hokkaido                                                     

1982              LL.D., Graduate School of Law and Politics, University of Tokyo 

1979                         LL.M., Graduate School of Law and Politics, University of Tokyo                              

1977                     LL.B., Faculty of Law, University of Tohoku

Fields of  Research

Theories of Equality and Rights, The Concept of Law, Theory of Value, The Creolization of Law

SSRN Author Page

Ko Hasegawa at SSRN

Current Works

"Human Rights to Living Common Good
" (Work in progress)

"The Interactive Ground of Law" (Work in progress)

"On Chiba Masashi Law and Time " (Work in progress, to be published by Shinzan-sha, 2022)

Main Publications

"The Fabric of Normative Translation in Law" (Work in print for Helge Dedek, ed., A Cosmopolitan Jurisprudence: Essays in memory of H. Patrick Glenn, to be published by Cambridge U. P. in 2021) [original draft download]

"Outou [Response]" (in: N. Sugawara & S. Kaku, eds, Kousei na Hou wo Meguru Toi [Problems Concerning Law and Fairness]
, Shinzan-sha, 2021, pp. 281-314)

"On the Modes of Confluence in Law" (in: K. Boele-Woelki, eds., Current Issues of Comparative Law,   
              Springer, 2019, pp. 39-48)

"Interactive Reason in Law" (in:M. S. Sellers ed., Law, Reason, and Emotion, Cambridge U. P., 2017, pp. 184-201)

"How to Deal with the Multiplicity of Law" (in: ARSP Beiheft 152, pp. 97-104, 2017)

Hou no Konseiteki Datou [The Hybrid Validity of Law]" (in: Takeshi Tsunoda et. al., eds, Houriron wo Meguru
           Gendai teki Shomondai
[Current Problems Concerning Legal Theory], Koyo Shobo, 2016, pp. 203-211)

"The Dynamics of "Confluence" in a Legal System----Comments on H. Patrick Glenn's Insights on
            Legal Traditions" (in Transnational Legal Theory, Vol. 7: 1, 2016, pp. 1-8)

Normative Translation in the Heterogeneity of Law" (in: Transnational Legal Theory, Vol. 6: 3-4, 2015,
             pp.501-517) (at:

"Getting through National Responsibility toward Global Justice" (in: ARSP, Beiheft 139: Human Rights and
            Global Justice, Franz Steiner Verlag, 2014, pp. 81-87)

"Hou no Kureouru to Houteki Kannen no Honyaku [The Creole of Law and the Translation of Legal Ideas]"
            (in: Ko Hasedawa, ed., Hou no Kureouru Josetsu [Introduction to the Creole of Law], Hokkaido Univ.
             Press, 2012, pp. 1-32)

"How Can Law Hold Hope in Cultural Complexity? ーCritical Comments on Prof. Annelise Riles' View
             of Law and Culture" (at:, Cornell University Law School,
             2011) [download]

"21 Seiki no Hou no Gainen [The Concept of Law in the 21st Century]" (Hou no Riron [Theory of Law],
             No. 30, 2011)

"Between Rights and 'Kenri'" (in: E. Cashin-Retaine, ed., Legal Engineering and Comparative  Law, Vol. 2,   
             Schulthess, 2009, pp.87-103) [download]

"Incorporating Foreign Legal Ideas through Translation" (in: A. Halpin,, eds. Theorizing the Global Legal
, Hart Publishing, 2009, pp.85-106) [download]

"Kaishaku teki Houshikou no Kitei [The Basis of Hermeeutic Legal Thinking] (in: Aoi & Suehisa, eds.,
             Doitsu Houriron tono Taiwa [Dialogues with German Legal Theory], Tohoku University Press, 2008)  

"Hou no Kureouru no Gainen wo meguru Kisoteki Kousatsu [Fundamental Considerations concerning                    
              the Concept of the Creole of Law]" (in: Hokudai Hougaku Ronshuu [Hokkaido Law Review], Vol.58-3, 2007)

"Kihan Shoutotsu no Kaishakugaku [Hermeneutics of Norm Conflict]" (in: Hougaku [Jurisprudence],
               Vol.69-6, 2006)

"Senjuumin no Chitekizaisan Hogo no Testugakuteki Bunmyaku [The Philosophical Context of Intellectual
               Property for Indigenous People]" (in: Chitekizaisan Houseisakugaku Kenkyuu [Law & Policy Studies
               for Intellectual Property], Vol.13, 2006)

"Houteki Kuukan no Tagenjuusousei [The Multidimensionality of Legal Space]" (in: Minshouhou Zasshi
               [Journal of Civil and Commercial Law], Vol.133-3, 2005)

"Hou to Shijou no Aida [Between Law and Market]" (in: Kyousouhou no Gendaiteki Tenkai [Recent
               Developments in Competition Laws], 2005)

"Human Well-being and Public Provision" (in: Hokudai Hougaku Ronshuu [Hokkaido Law Review],         
(Revised Version

"On Prof. Will Kymlicka’s Thinking about the Rights of Indigenous People” (in: Archiv für Rechts- und
, Beiheft 96, 2004)

"The Structuration of Law and Its Working in the Japanese Legal System" (in J. Vanderlinden, eds.,
               La Structure des Systèmes Juridiques, Bruylant, 2003) 

"Shijou ni okeru Houteki Seigi to wa Nanika [What is Law and Justice in the Market?]" (in: Houritsu Jihou
               [Journal of Current Law], January 2003)  

"Tagenteki Jiga to Riberaru na Houkyoudoutai [Multidimensional Self and Liberal Community of Law]"
               (in: T. Sasaki, eds., 21 Seiki Koukyou Testugaku no Chihei [The Horizon of the 21st Century
               Public Philosophy], 2002)       
Kousei no Houtetsugaku [The Legal Philosophy of Fairness] (Shinzansha, 2001)

"Koukyouteki Kanten To Liberaru na Byoudouron [Public Viewpoint and Liberal Equality]" (in: Y. Mishima
     ,  eds.,  Ningen no Songen to Houriron [Human Dignity & Legal Theory], 2000)      
"Ajia Shakai ni okeru Fuhenteki Hou no Keisei [The Formation of Universal Law in Asian Societies]"
               (in: Hokudai Hougaku Ronshuu [Hokkaido Law Review], Vol.50-2, 1999)    
"Legal Reasoning & Interpretation of Justice" (in: Hokudai Hougaku Ronshuu [Hokkaido Law Review],
               Vol.48-5, 1998)  
"Posutomodanizumu to Seigiron [Postmodernism & Theories of Justice]" (in: Hou no Riron [Theory of Law],
               No.17, 1997)        
"'Open' and 'Closed' Relativism" (in: Popper Letters, Vol.8-2, 1996, & Vol.9-1, 1997)

Kaishaku to Houshikou [Interpretation and Legal Thinking]( Nihon Hyouronsha, 1996)      
Kenri・Kachi・Kyoudoutai [Rights, Values, and Community](Koubundou, 1991)

Teaching Activities (Part-time)

Introductory Lecture: Law, Rights, and Legal Culture (Freshman)
Lecture on Aspects of Legal Theory Today (Graduate)
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