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Courses Taught 2011

Historical Perspectives (歴史の視座)   
  "What is Intellectual History? ”

Introduction to Political Science (政治学入門Ⅱ)
  “Modern Civilization and the World Order:
     The structural change on modern Japanese intellectuals' perception”

Readings in Modern Political Sciences (演習Ⅰ)
   “Idealism and Realism in the Political Discourse of International Order:
     From the inter-war thinkers' perspective”

History of Japanese Political Thought (日本政治思想史)
  “The Political Legitimacy and its Critiques”

Modern Japanese Political Thought (現代日本政治思想)
   “The Scientific Study of Politics: The origins and trajectory of Japanese Political Science”


Other Courses Taught since 2003

Introduction to Academic Studies (人文学・政治学入門)

 ・Introduction to the Humanities: Readers' Interpretations (人文学事始:読者たちのテクスト解釈)

 ・Introduction to Political Science: Politics and Civil Society (政治学入門:市民と政治)

Reading Classical Texts in Political Sciences (政治学の古典講読)

 ・Readings in Modern Political Sciences (seminar) (政治学文献購読)

 ・Readings in Modern Political Sciences:
   The Trajectories of Political Science in the United States and Modern Japan (graduate seminar)


Methods in Intellectual History (思想史研究の方法:研究史概観・古典講読)

 ・Readings in Intellectual History:
   Between the Political Consciousness and the Religious: Max Weber and Maruyama Masao (seminar)

Historiography of Japanese Thought (日本思想の主題別研究史概観:近世・近代・戦後)

 ・Historiography of Early Modern Japan:
    Modernity, the Self, and Secularization (graduate seminar)
    自我・近代・世俗化: 徳川政治思想の研究史)

 ・Historiography of Modern Japan: Politics and Religion (seminar) (近代日本における〈政治と宗教〉)

 ・Historiography of Postwar Japan: Rethinking "Postwar Democracy" (seminar)

Reading Historical Materials (史料講読:近世・近代・戦後)

 ・Readings in Early Modern Japanese Political Thought:
    Foreign Policy Documents in Late Tokugawa Japan (graduate seminar)

 ・Readings in Modern Japanese Political Thought:
    The Deliberative Space in the Japanese Enlightenment (seminar)

 ・Readings in Modern Japanese Political Thought:
    Colonial Policies at Japanese Imperial universities (graduate seminar)

 ・Readings in Postwar Japanese Political Thought:
    Thought and Experience in Postwar Japan (graduate seminar)





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